Farmall 656 hydraulic system diagram hd quality business

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Farmall 656 hydraulic system diagram hd quality business

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Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Hydraulics on Farmall Just put a loader on my The rams up work fine, but coming down they jerk a little. The system makes a chattering noise.

One guy told me it could be a weak spring inside one of the couplers. He said if the loader stayed at the hold position in float. Then the problem most likely was a coupler. Make any sense? Or should I start digging deeper?

ThanksBrett. Reply With Quote. Re: Hydraulics on Farmall Switch the hoses from the bucket for a test.

Just reseating may help. When I works, I works hard. When I sits and thinks, I goes to sleep. Git er done. Re: Hydraulics on Farmall Switch the hoses from the bucket for a test.

Re: Hydraulics on Farmall Another test to see if the valve is passing fluid.By kApril 16, in General IH. I am new here and looking for anyone who ran into this problem on a Farmall before and any possible fixes. I have power to my steering and power to my 3 point but no pressure to my auxiliary lines have low flow, just not enough pressure to lift my loader.

Background this will be long so I apologize in advance I just wnat to get all the details in order to help find the problem.

farmall 656 hydraulic system diagram hd quality business

About 2 weeks ago, I dug a hole with the loader to bury one of our mini-horses. Digging was hard so I had to keep RPMS up and air in the loader lines was obvious and got progressively worse as I dug. When I was done I still had aux power to the loader albeit sluggish. Two days later, I went to move the and had NO aux power so I couldn't lift the bucket. It would wiggle just a little but you had to really look to see it happen. I had been sucking air for ahwile but couldn't find the issue, overfilled by 5 gallons and problem became minimized so we kept using the loader as needed once or twice a month.


After I had no aux power I did some research and heard about the suction rubber hose in the rear diff, checked it and of course it was split at the top. I replaced the hose, changed fluid and filter and started the tractor up. The air seemed to be gone but I still didnt have aux hyd. While bleeding the system moving wheeels back and forth like manual says I noticed the steering wheel kept turning after I came to the "stop" point.

It was then that I noticed the front bolster casting had stress cracked and was blowing hydraulic fluid. Called in the welder and he welded the cast, epoxied and plated it as well, effectively curing the problem with the steering no leaks.

No air in system but still no Aux hyd. I have aux hyd flow, but it isnt the flow it should be, kind of like a "lazy" water hose flow I pulled the spool from the flow divider last night, and noticed a plastic ball floating around in one of the ports.

I pulled the Control valve from the flow divider and noticed the check valve, seat and spring in the bottom of the pilot are where the ball came from and ordered parts. Could that little plastic check valve with that tiny spring be the cause behind no aux hyd pressure or did I just find something coincidental? I have a hard time believing that little valve is the cause of it, but I don't know where else to look.

farmall 656 hydraulic system diagram hd quality business

All the other spools, springs etc in both the flow divider and pilot seem to be in good condition.The art, science and drama of racing. These finely-crafted books are designed for the discerning enthusiast who appreciates beautifully-made books.

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Farmall 656 Planting Corn

Adventures "Oh, looking for adventure, are ya? All content. Fuel Blog. Destined to replace the 06 series, the 56 series was introduced in with a single model: the The Farmall was released as an individual model without much fanfare. In the first production year, only Farmall versions of were available. Customers could order their with one of two available six-cylinder engines.

The C gasoline or LP engine provided about 64 horsepower at the power takeoff. The D diesel offered about the same power but with more torque, longevity, and fuel efficiency. A worker drives a later-model Farmall off the line on November 15, Are you looking for top quality hydraulic parts for your vintage International Harvester IH tractors?

You have come to the right place! Redrunrite has the largest selection of replacement parts for IH tractors and we can provide you with many of the component you need--and for almost IH models. Whether you need IH hydraulic pumps, MCV pumps, Relief valves, power steering relief valves, power steering cylinder, mounting gasket kits or the hard to find Axial piston pump.

Hydraulic parts for models that have been discontinued for years can be difficult to find. That's where we can help. We have been in the business of helping tractor owners keep their IH tractors up and running in the field for 25 years now.

We have the most extensive collections of both hard-to-find and common IH tractor hydraulic parts. Many tractor owners are amazed by shopping with us knowing how easily they can still find parts for their very old IH tractors that have been out of production for decades. To better cater to your needs, we also provide technical support on IH Farmall tractors Got a problem or need help with your IH tractor?

Get in touch with us. We are readily available to help you find the solution to your problem. If you are looking for a component for your IH Farmall tractor that is not available on our website, be it hydraulics or anything else, let us know!

We will try our best to find it for you! Redrunrite is your go-to online source for IH tractors parts in all 50 states We do not just offer quality hydraulic parts for your tractors but at fair prices. Redrunrite combines quality and price to deliver exceptional value as we offer factory direct pricing without a middleman markup. We also offer a one-year warranty on all our offerings.

Give us a call at or send an e-mail at schmittfarmserv wwt.

Welcome! Please use the navigational links to explore our website.

Home Hydraulics Hydraulics. Compare Add to Cart. Join our newsletter. Email Address.Select a category below or view all parts. Please use the navigational links to explore our website. Search for this text Search. View Cart. High quality parts - the right parts - offered at a low cost so you can fix your Farmall tractor today.

Our huge inventory of restoration quality parts combined with fast shipping and low prices makes us your best choice for tractor repair. Model Years Air cleaner stacks, exhaust pipes, clamps and elbows. Weather caps, gaskets, complete muffler and pipe assemblies, individual mufflers plus parts and pieces. Rope-type crankshaft seals and front lipt type, gasket paper. Hour meters, tractormeters, proofmeters, tachometers, gauge cables and kits.

Complete instrument clusters and panel assemblies, Voltmeters and more.

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Complete light assemblies and kits or individual pieces. Lenses, cowls and housing, rings, light switches, knobs and bulbs. Worklights and safety lights. Both original factory reprints and aftermarket.

High quality match to the original manufactuer colors when available. Also aluminum paint, hardners, clear coats, tire paint and slip resistant coating. Center tubes, extension tubes, axle supports, ball joints, axle bearings, center arms and pins, spindles, tie rods, steering pumps and cylinders, drag links, complete axle assemblies when available.

farmall 656 hydraulic system diagram hd quality business

Most axle repair parts. Wheel hubs, bearing cones and cups, hub caps, complete hub assemblies, front tires and tubes, wheel bearings, seals, bolts, miscellaneous wheel parts. As one of the largest suppliers of new and rebuilt parts for these tractors, you can count on our large inventory and discount prices. Use the links above to select a category and view our extensive selection of parts for your Farmall tractor. After selecting a category you will find specific Farmall part names and part numbers.

All of our parts for sale are new, aftermarket parts unless specified otherwise in the description. Our experienced and friendly sales staff are available to help with any of your Farmall tractor parts and engine parts needs.I am installing a double spool valve on it that came with the tractor but never installed and can't seem figure out were to plumb in the pressure side of the valve and the return side?

I was planning to supply the loader from the clutch side of the tractor and t into the hydraulic lines there are two large line one goes to the three point under the seat and the other goes up by the steering wheel but i'm not sure were to install the return line form the loader. Can anyone help. How many remote valves are currently on the ? Your not going to gain any lifting power.

Just hook into existing coupler, tie if necessary the lever and hitch will still work independently but no other valve will unless you return locked leverl to neurtal. Jim jim hi I got the cart infront of the horse for a second here, if you hook right to your factory couplers it will work fine, you can also hook the extra valve bank you have into the couplers, pressure and return and then you will need to put lever on demand and possibly tie it thereif you have only one aux valve and have a hyd bucket and grapple fork you need three valves of course and then will need to hook your valve bank up.

Confused, you won't be after reading all the episodes like they say on soap. Jim Kelly Beans I have a question that pertains to this sorta. I just bought a with one hydraulic remote valve. I also bought a IH loader to go on it. Id like to mount a 2 spool universal valve on it to run the loader so I still have the the rear valve to run an implement. SO my question is I read about lining up the pins but need a little more info on how to do that. Does force need to be used, are they the pistons that are linked?

I also am wondering if the transmission fluid is also the hydraulic fluid. I can't find a dipstick for the transmission. Thanks, Jim Adam There is a plate that you will have to take off below the steering. Inside you will see a bracket that has three pins or rods sticking out the front toward engine.

Those rods all have three spots they go in, centre is neutral.

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I actually had my bracket crack from using too much force, and have learned to still use force but pounding shifter instead of prying jiggle it hard. Trans hydraulic fluid is the same. Lena Truster I added an additional valve on my tractor. It seems to be leaking through the two valves; however, there is no leakage showing on outside. I wonder if there is o ring inside each of them that should be replaced. If so, how a schematic and where do I buy the parts.

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farmall 656 hydraulic system diagram hd quality business

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